Petrobal Omega 1, LLC (PBO) is a private oil and gas production and exploration company headquartered in Irving, TX. Petrobal Omega 1 was formed as a subsidiary of Petrobal in November 2017 to manage and operate the company’s US properties. Petrobal, headquartered in Mexico City and backed by GrupoBal, was constituted in March 2015 as Mexico opened up its energy sector to private investment and currently has properties in the Gulf of Mexico. Petrobal (PBO) maintains 50,000+ acres and 230+ wells exploiting the Marble Falls Play in Jack and Palo Pinto Counties.

Petrobal’s (PBO) Management, Engineering, Land and Accounting teams are in the Irving office. The Construction and Production field office is in Jacksboro, TX. The Geology and Geophysics teams are in Petrobal’s Mexico City office.

Petrobal has a long-term vision to develop this asset, deepen the geologic understanding, implement technological advances and optimize operations to build a cornerstone for longevity and success.


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